Horses for Sale

Title Posted Price Year Sex Sire State
Xtra Smart Rey3/22/192009GeldingRey DualVirginia
Found My Dream 3/21/1950,0002012MareSmooth As A CatTexas
LOOK WHOS SMOOTH3/20/19$40,0002012GeldingSmooth As A catIdaho
Reys Ur Glass3/20/1935,0002015MareLittle JazzareyOklahoma
Bet Shesa Diva3/19/19$35,0002013MareBet Hesa CatIdaho
Bet Shesa Diva3/19/192013MareBet Hesa CatIdaho
2014 Smooth As A Cat Mare3/18/1923,0002014MareSmooth As A CatTexas
HBC Broodmare3/18/192006MareHigh Brow Cat North Carolina
Smooth Lenas Cat3/18/19$25,0002009GeldingSmooth As A CatTexas
5 year old Bay Mare 3/16/1930,000.002014MareMetllic CatTexas
Play It My Rey 2012 geld3/14/19$20,0002012GeldingCat A ReyAlabama
Smash Mouse 2012gelding3/14/19 $30,0002012GeldingCat A ReyAlabama
Sofies Cat 5yr Old Mare 3/14/19$40,0002014MareHigh Brow CatAlabama
Im Talkin Long Legs3/13/192017 MareSmooth Talkin StyleTexas
Finished cutter3/13/192012GeldingSophisticated CattUtah
Stylish Rey daughter3/12/19140002013MareStylist ReyTexas
To Skin A Cat3/12/1920,0002011Gelding Metallic CatGeorgia
2013 Son of Smooth As A C3/11/19185002013GeldingSmooth As A CatTexas
Xtra Smart Jazz 3/11/1925,0002013 Mare Jazarell Cat Texas
SVR Smart Laney Rey 3/11/1920,0002013 Mare Dual Rey Texas
Little Smashed Cat 3/11/1920,000 2011Gelding High Brow Cat Texas
High Style Martini3/9/1935,0002015MareHigh Brow CatOklahoma
Countin Blessings 5yr Old3/7/19$35,0002014MareIm Countin ChecksAlabama
Baby Blu Eyz3/7/1940,0002014MareWar Bird DogTexas
Smooth Davey Jane 3/6/192014MareSmooth As A Cat
2017 Smooth As A Cat Mare3/6/192017MareSmooth As A Cat
Bobs Blue Cat3/6/1975002017stallionBlue One Time Texas
Spookys Calling Dibs3/6/19$25,0002015MareMetallic CatCalifornia
Le Couer De La Mer3/5/192015MareOnce In A Blue BoonTexas
SGT Peppers3/5/19$30,0002010GeldingOne Time PeptoWashington
2016 mare by Dual Rey3/4/192016mareDual ReyOklahoma
2016 gelding3/4/19$15,0002016geldingRockin WOklahoma
2016 Mare by Hottish3/4/192016MareHottishOklahoma
2016 Colt by Metallic Cat3/4/1920,0002016StallionMetallic CatOklahoma
One More Time Darlin 3/3/1940,0002010GeldingOne Time PeptoNorth Carolina
Finished Cutting Horse Ge3/3/19$15,0002008GeldingWR This Cats SmartOregon
Bamacat Yearling Filly 3/3/1985002018 MareBamacatTexas
SAAC Lifetime Breedings3/3/1920,000 1999StallionHigh Brow CatTexas
SAAC Breeding $4,500. 3/3/194,500.1999StallionHigh Brow CatTexas
SEMEN FOR SALE3/2/192007Semen for sale Smart Little Lena
I BEA CAT WINNER 73K3/2/192008geldingHIGH BROW CATVirginia
REYS DUAL VICTORY3/1/192006GeldingReys Dual BadgerCalifornia
Metallic Cat stud colt2/27/19$120002018StallionMETALLIC CATCalifornia
2017 ONCE IN A BLUE BOON 2/27/19$6500 OBO2017MareONCE IN A BLUE BOONCalifornia
2016 Cat Ichi Colt 2/27/1920,0002016Stallion Cat Ichi California
2014 Smooth As A Cat2/27/19 2014GeldingSmooth As A Cat
2013 SMOOTH SLATE GELDING2/27/192013GeldingSmooth As A Cat
2016 Smooth As A Cat2/27/192016FillySmooth As A Cat
2013 SMOOTH AS A CAT2/27/192013GeldingSmooth As A Cat
2017 Smooth As A Cat Mare2/27/192017MareSmooth As A Cat
2017 Smooth As A Cat Stud2/27/192017StudSmooth As A Cat
Kayenne 2/27/1922,0002016MareHydrive CatTexas
!!3-in-1 Package!!2/26/197,5002015MARECAT ICHITexas
Blue Roan Stallion 2/23/1918,5002018StallionOnce in a Blu BoonCalifornia
Mittons 2/23/1918,0002016MareLight N LenaTexas
One Time Pepto Broodmare2/21/1920,0002007MareOne Time PeptoTexas
Mare in Foal 2/21/1910,0002011MareSpots HotMissouri
6 yr old Show Horse2/21/1940,0002013mareRockin WOklahoma
Countacular2/20/1925,000 2009Gelding IM Countin ChecksArkansas
Beautiful black gelding2/20/1929,5002010GeldingWild Haired CatMinnesota
NP/AM gelding2/20/1929,5002011GeldingDual ReyMinnesota
SR Instant Choice Filly 2/19/1925002018MareHollywood Cutter AJTexas
That Sly Bob for sale!2/19/192008geldingThat Sly CatTexas
Dual Pep Broodmare2/16/1912,5002011MareDual PepWisconsin
Rammer Jammer2/14/192015MareBamacatTexas
2008 AQHA Gelding BROKE2/13/1910,0002008geldingRAZZ O TAZTexas
Hal O Mate 2/11/1925,000 2013 Mare Halreycious Texas
Metallics Rock Star2/11/192014MareMetallic CatTexas
CR Ohtobetuffnhumble2/11/1915,0002014MareWoody Be TuffTexas
CR Hot Stuff2/11/1930,0002014MareWoody Be TuffTexas
Derby Show Mare2/7/1925,0002015MareIm Countin ChecksCalifornia
Im Not Blu LTE $20k+2/7/19$45,0002015MareOnce In A Blue Boon Oklahoma
Blu Boon Smokin It2/6/19$25,0002015MareOnce In A Blue Boon Missouri
Cougar Rita2/2/19$5500.002016fillyHigh Brow CougarColorado
LAE champ 5 yr mare2/1/1930,0002014MareBet Hesa CatTexas
Broodmare!!1/31/1940,0002007mareSmart Little LenaOklahoma
Sugar Railena1/29/192015MareKit Kat SugarTexas
2017 Colt1/29/19$20,0002017StallionOnce In A Blu BoonOklahoma
2017 Colt1/29/19$20,0002017StallionOnce In A Blu BoonOklahoma
Emma Rey1/29/192013MareDual Rey California
Catchyalater 1/29/192009GeldingHigh Brow CatCalifornia
Kittys Smart Rey1/29/19$25,0002014GeldingDual Smart ReyWashington
Im Johnny Crockett1/28/1935,0002012GHigh Brow CatTexas
Redhead From Denver1/25/192015MAREMetallic CatTexas
MK Hals Smooth Girl1/24/192014MareHalreyciousKentucky
2014 Geld. LTE: $26,000+1/23/1940,0002014GeldingBoon Too SuenKansas
2012 PeptoRioPlayboy Mare1/23/19$25,0002012MarePepto Rio PlayboyOklahoma
PROVEN MARE FOR SALE1/22/19$85002005MareSan Tules FrecklesCalifornia
THATS ONE COOL CAT12/28/182016GeldingOne Time PeptoCalifornia
EASY PLAYIN HIGH12/28/1845,0002016GeldingHigh Brow CDCalifornia
2013 Dual Rey Gelding12/27/182013GeldingDual ReyOklahoma
FOXY FULL MOON12/20/1815,0002011MareCats Full MoonCalifornia
MISS STRAWBERRY MOON12/20/182016MareOnce In A Blu BoonCalifornia
Sunday Drive12/17/18$35,0002013MareHydrive CatMississippi
2016 Catty Hawk Mare12/17/182016MareCatty HawkMontana