Title Posted Price Year Sex Sire State
Metallic Cat & One Time P9/30/2010,0002020Filly Metallic ChanceNebraska
Dtr of CR Gotcha Covered 9/30/2015,0002020Filly CR Gotcha Covered Nebraska
2017 Once in a Blu Boon9/29/20100,0002017MareOnce In A Blu Boon
LITTLE PATRON DANCER9/29/2020,0002016GeldingOnce In A Blu BoonTexas
GUANTANAMO REY9/29/2075,0002016GeldingDual ReyTexas
Cryogenic9/29/202012GeldingHydrive CatOklahoma
Lovethelifeyoulive9/28/202018MareMetallic CatTexas
Reys Ur Bet9/28/202016GeldingBet Hesa CatTexas
Little Wall Street9/28/202017GeldingBoon A LittleTexas
Wood He B A CD9/28/20$25,0002016GeldingHigh Brow CDTexas
Joes Last Cat LTE 218k9/28/202009GeldingHigh Brow CatTexas
2017 Hottish Mare SOLD9/27/20750002017MareHottishBritish Columbia
High Brow Hickory daughte9/26/202003mareHigh Brow HickoryGeorgia
Jackpot Cat daughter9/26/202008MareJackpot CatGeorgia
Jackpot Cat daughter9/26/202008MJackpot CatJGeorgia
2017 Cutting Prospect9/25/2020,0002017GeldingNRR Cat King ColeNebraska
Candlebox9/24/202016MareBoon Too SuenTexas
PLAY N DIRTY9/24/202013GeldingHydrive CatTexas
PLAY N DIRTY9/24/202013GeldingHydrive CatTexas
LOTTIE PEARL 9/23/20$35,0002015MARE DUAL SMART REYCalifornia
Shot of Gen9/23/202017MareKit Kat SugarTexas
CD CAN DANCE 9/23/20$40,0002016GELDING HIGH BROW CDCalifornia
BIT OF A KIT KAT 9/23/20$40,0002017GELDING KIT KAT SUGAR California
6yo Mare LTE $23k9/22/202014MareSmooth As A CatTexas
Highrey To Hell7/24/2028,0002014mareDual Smart ReyTexas
2yr old gelding9/22/2040k2018GeldingReyzin The CashTexas
Margareyta 2016 mare9/21/202016MareMetallic CatTexas
Yearling Metallic Cat8/1/20135002019StallionMetallic CatCalifornia
Cat Xcellent9/21/202014GeldingMetallic CatTexas
Drink N Doubles9/21/202017GeldingDual Smart ReyTexas
Twin A Kitty9/21/202017MareOnce In a Blu BoonTexas
Blueisthenewblack9/21/202015MareWoody Be TuffTexas
Fancy 3-year old 9/19/2015,0002017FillyOne Time Royalty Washington
Dangerous Cat9/18/202014GeldingWR This Cats SmartTexas
Stunned 3 yo SBF Gelding 9/17/20300002017Gelding StunnedTexas
METALLICS SECRET9/17/2035,0002016MareMetallic Cat
SHEYKEN PEPTO9/17/2045,0002007MarePeptoboonsmal
Bet Hesa Baygun9/16/202013GeldingBet Hesa CatTexas
Hashtag Cash9/16/202020StallionHashtagsTexas
Metallic Cat Show Mare9/16/20$50,0002016MareMetallic CatTexas
Highlee Smart Cat9/16/20$22,5002011MareHighbrow CatCalifornia
BET HESA COPPER CAT9/25/1920,000 OBO2014GeldingBet Hesa CatCalifornia
Royally bred mare9/15/2030k2017MareReyzin The CashTexas
Quick Dual Cat9/15/202016StallionHigh Brow CatTexas
2 in 1 package9/16/20$22,5002011MareHighbrow CatCalifornia
CRUZ BAY 9/2/20$25,0002016GELDING KIT KAT SUGAR Texas
2019 Palo Duro Cat9/13/202019StallionPalo Duro CatSouth Dakota
Smooth Talkin Style Colt9/13/209,0002019StallionSmooth Talkin StyleTexas
One Time Louu9/13/202017MareOne Time PeptoTexas
HF Lone Reynger 9/13/202017GELDING DUAL REY Texas
The Flyest9/11/202015StallionHigh Brow CatTexas
Hottish Filly9/11/2020,0002019FillyHottishWashington
Yearling Metallic Rebel9/11/202019FillyMetallic RebelWashington
High Brow Cat - Show Mare9/10/20$50,0002014MareHigh Brow CatTexas
High Brow Cat - Show Mare9/10/20$50,0002014MareHigh Brow CatTexas
Lethal Ray 9/10/202017GELDING DUAL REYTexas
Maid N Texas 9/10/202017MARE THIRD CUTTING Texas
Fine Smokin Joe 9/9/202018GELDING DUAL R SMOKIN Texas
Hughe Canduit 9/8/202018 MARE THOMAS E HUGHES Texas
Big Time Hauler for Sale 9/8/202014GeldingThomas E HughesTexas
Reyhannon 9/8/202014 MARE METALLIC CAT Texas
Shesa Tom Cat9/8/202016MareThomas E HughesTexas
Own Daughter of Dual Rey!9/8/20$15,000 in foal2004MareDual ReyMontana
Own Daughter of Dual Rey!9/8/20$15,000 in foal2004MareDual ReyMontana
Scootin Lena Cat 9/8/202018STALLIONLIGHT N LENA Texas
Pretty bay 2 yr filly9/7/20$17,5002018MareDual Smart ReyTexas
Top Bay Filly For Sale9/7/20$8,5002020 MareQuejanaisalenaCalifornia
Once ina BluBoon Stallion9/7/20$12,5002020StallionOnce in a Blu BoonCalifornia
Black Hashtag Filly9/7/2012,5002020 MareHashtagCalifornia
Hashtag Stallion9/7/20$12,5002020StallionHashtagCalifornia
Rollz Royce Filly9/7/20$150002020 MareRollz RoyceCalifornia
One Time Pepto Brrod Mare9/6/206,0002007MareOne Time PeptoWashington
Sheza Catty- Reduced in P9/6/2027,0002013MareHigh Brow CatWashington
Kittys Royal Hickory9/6/202019StallionOne Time RoyaltySouth Dakota
Mr Catsanova9/6/202019StallionBet Hesa CatSouth Dakota
Smooth Catalina Rey9/6/202017MareSmooth As A CatTexas
BUSH WHACK9/6/202018GeldingSpecial Nu RoseTexas
MONEYMAKER9/6/202011GeldingDual ReyTexas
MISS STRAWBERRY MOON12/20/1820,0002016MareOnce In A Blu BoonCalifornia
Icee9/3/2030,0002016MareDual R Smokin Washington
Sally Cats Hot Broodmare9/3/20Call for price2007MareSpots HotTexas
Talented Futurity 2 yr9/1/202018Stud ColtMetallic CatTexas
Solid 2 year old filly!9/1/20$20,0002018Filly One Time PeptoTexas
Metallic Cat 4 YO Mare9/1/20$40,0002016MareMetallic CatTexas
SOPHISTICATED CATT COLT9/1/2035,0002017stallionSophisticated CattFlorida
Dual Rey Mas - 4YO8/31/202016GeldingDual ReyTexas
Corn Shine8/31/2035,0002011GeldingDual Smart ReyTexas
Tapt Smooth - 4YO8/31/202016GeldingSmooth As A CatTexas
Peppermints Patty 8/30/2040k2012MareSmooth as a CatCalifornia
JAGGER 8/29/20$20,0002017GELDING CD ROYAL Texas
Tanquereynstilettos 8/28/2025k2015MareDual ReyTexas
ARRISTOCRAT NAPPIN8/27/202009StallionSmart AristocratTexas
2018 Filly Smooth Bit7/4/202018Mare Smooth As A Cat Texas
I’m Into It8/26/2025k2017MareSannmanTexas
3 yr old gelding8/26/2020k2017GeldingReyzin The CashTexas
Metallic Cat Broodmare8/25/20$20,000.002012MMetallic CatOklahoma
Hott Heels 8/25/202014GELDING HOTTISH Oklahoma
2017 Gelding8/25/202017GeldingOnce In a Blu BoonTexas
2017 Bay Stallion8/25/202017StudMeteles CatTexas
JAZZAREY SMOOTH8/21/2025,0002017GeldingLittle JazzareyOklahoma
Lonnie Earl 2014 Gelding8/20/202014GeldingSpots HotTexas
WRST Starlight8/20/2025,0002008geldingWR This Cats SmartOregon
Jolly Holly8/19/20Contact Us2019MareHickory Holly TimeColorado
Price Drop: 2015 Mare8/19/2025,0002015MareDual Smart ReyWashington
Zac T Wood Mare8/18/2015,5002009MareZack T woodTexas
Gorgeous Roan 2 yr old 8/18/202018FillyWAR BIRD DOG Texas
Gorgeous 2 yr old Gelding8/18/202018Gelding WAR BIRD DOG Texas
Birdy 2015 Mare 8/18/202015Mare Boon Too Suen Texas
Producing Broodmare8/14/202002MareRoyal FletchCalifornia
Woody Be Tuff Mare 8/14/202017 Mare Woody Be Tuff Texas
Metallic Cat 2017 Filly 8/14/202017MareMetallic Cat Texas
2013 Smooth as cat geld. 8/13/202013GeldingSMOOTH AS A CATTexas
2019 Bay Stud7/13/202019StudReyzin The CashTexas
Spots Hot 3 yr old stud8/12/20100002017StallionSpots HotLouisiana
Woody Be Tuff 2016 Mare 8/11/202016MareWoody Be Tuff Texas
Dual Smart Rey 2016 Mare 8/11/202016Mare Dual Smart Rey Texas
Hash it out Quick2/29/20Private treaty2019StallionHashtagsMontana
Cool Time Dona8/7/20$25,0002017MareONE TIME PEPTOAlabama
Parke That Kat 8/6/2035,0002014geldingKit Kat SugarTexas
"Free Fallyn" 2019 filly8/6/202019MARERAP CATColorado
Metallics Twister8/5/2040,0002013mareMetallic CatTexas
Scattercat4/28/2020,000.002017geldingLouis The CatTexas
Multiple LAE Finalist!! 8/5/202016GeldingBet Hesa Cat Texas
Scootin Lena Cat8/4/202018GeldingLight N LenaSouth Dakota
Super Tuff Kitty 8/4/2040,0002016MareWoody Be TuffOklahoma
47AFBF6C-9AC2-4667-B8A2-BC5DEE5D57F4.heic (1.6MB)Joolin 2011 QH 7/14/202011mareshine by the bayOhio
Sabrina Boon 5YO9/3/192014MareBoon A LittleOklahoma
HQ Genuine PeggyJack6/23/202015MareJack's our Bartender West Virginia
One Time In June3/27/2075,0002011MOne Time PeptoTexas
Cat Man Blue Gelding 3/27/2055002018Gelding Cat Man Blue Missouri
2017 Roan Filly3/17/20$7,500 obo2017MareMagneticat Arizona
Cat A Rey 5 YO LTE $105003/8/2035000.002017GeldingCat A Rey Texas
2 YO Red Roan Filly3/1/209200.002018MareCat A ReyTexas
2015 Rabicano Mare2/25/208500.002015MareRR Foe SailCalifornia
SAAC Breeding Private 2/17/2045001999High Brow CatTexas
CUTTING STALLION FOR SALE2/10/202014maleLivin on the BayouOhio
Cutting/Cow Horse Prospet2/1/202,0002019StallionLittle Mahogany BoonIowa
SAAC started 2 yr old1/15/202018MareSmooth As A Cat Texas
Red Roan 4YO Gelding 1/13/202016GeldingBet Hesa CatTexas
2 yo cat gelding !11/30/1925000 obo2017GeldingHigh brow catTexas
WR/Playboy Mare11/25/198,5002009MareWR This Cats SmartTexas
2017 Filly11/5/1914,0002017MarePour me a peptoCalifornia
CDs Hickory High11/4/19$25,000.002014 mareMareHigh Brow CDTexas
2014 WR Mare10/22/1920,000.002014MWR This Cats SmartCalifornia
2014 WR Mare10/22/1920,000.002014MWR This Cats SmartCalifornia
A Date to Reymember!!9/24/19$18,5002007geldingDual Smart Rey
Peptoboonsmal Daughter8/23/192009MarePeptoboonsmal Colorado
Peptoboonsmal Daughter8/23/192009MarePeptoboonsmal Colorado
Nitas Feather8/18/192018MareCats Red FeatherCalifornia
Nitas Feather8/18/192018MareCats Red FeatherCalifornia
WOOD YOU SEE 8/1/19$65,0002015MARE WOODY BE TUFFTexas
4 yr old Producer * SHOW*7/7/1912,5002010MareSanta Cruzer PlayboyTexas
Hottish Roan Yearling 7/5/1910,5002018 MareHottishCalifornia
Blue Roan Broodmare6/19/1914,5002007 MareMecom BlueCalifornia
Metallic Cat Gelding5/28/19750002011GMetallic CatTexas
2018 Rey Dual5/7/1955002018GeldingRey DualTexas