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Protect The Harvest Fundraiser at El Rancho9/13/19
2019 El Rancho Futurity Winner Highlights 19/13/19
Cotton Stakes Futurity Open Champions9/11/19
Hansma Horse Raffle Fundraiser Info9/11/19
Cotton Stakes Mid Level Open 4YO Champ Ryan Moore9/5/19
Hauler Talk with Casey Crouch9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 4YO Open Champ Ms Baby Cakes 9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 56 Mid Level Open Winners9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 56 Open Champ Second Spot Lloyd Cox9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 4YO Ltd Open Champ - Daniel Sanchez9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 56 Ltd Open Champ - Christian Miller9/4/19
CHC Owner Spotlight8/31/19
Idaho Int Open Futurity Champion8/31/19
Trainer Highlight Richard Jordan8/30/19
NCHA Hauler Talk with Tarin Rice8/30/19
Idaho Futurity Open Classic Champion Mony Buntin8/30/19
Idaho Futurity Open Derby Champ Adan Banuelos8/30/19
2019 Idaho Open Futurity Champion Adan Banuelos8/30/19
Preview for the 2019 Idaho Futurity8/20/19
CHC Special Awards ffor Way Out West Series8/16/19
Blakley Colgrove & Cat Man Blue West TX Fut8/16/19
CR Gotcha Covered Tarin Rice West TX Fut8/16/19
Russ Elrod Smart Metallic Jerri Cascades 5/6YO 8/16/19
Monty Buntin Dual Cat Pepto Cascades 4YO Champ8/16/19
NCHA Hauler Talk 8/14/19
Adan Banuelos Reystylin Smooth8/13/19
Kelle Earnhart riding Hottist8/13/19
Lloyd Cox Ms Baby Cakes 226.58/13/19
2019 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity 50th Yr Commercial8/13/19
2019 Cascades Futurity Preview8/11/19
West Coast Fall Futurity Preview8/8/19
El Rancho Futurity & Way Out West Series PROMO8/3/19
Rollz Royce Beau Galyean NCHA Derby Open 5/6 Champ8/3/19
JODY MCGLOTHLIN - Ltd NP 5/6YO Champ8/3/19
Thomas Bray Im Highly Decorated Ltd Open Champ8/3/19
5/6YO Limited Open Classic Finalists NCHA Derby8/3/19
Positive Talk about Cutting & Leveling6/21/19
Cookie Banuelos Discusses PCCHA Leveling6/12/19
Big Payday in Limited For Zeb Corvin 6/11/19
Cookie Banuelos Int Open Champion6/11/19
Ray Coulter Talks Leveling6/11/19
Buster Welch Talks Cattle Settling5/30/19
The Legacy Of Russell McCord5/24/19
Bob O'Bannon Talks About The Breeders Invitational5/24/19
John Sanislow & Im Quintan Checks - 2255/13/19
Heritage Cutting Classic, CANADA4/25/19
Reycan In The Cash Lisa Taylor4/21/19
Bonnie Martin Reysin Kittens 225 NCHA Super Stakes4/20/19
Robert Thigpen Metallic Rita NCHA Super Stakes4/20/19
Ora Diehl 2019 NCHA VP Candidate4/20/19
Katherine Goodfried Trouble N Roan 2194/20/19
McAlister Assets new PCCHA Corporate Sponsor4/20/19
2019 Cascades Futurity Promo4/14/19
Megan Miller Super Stakes Non Pro Classic Champion4/14/19
Alannah Chalmers Ltd NP Super Stakes Champion4/14/19
Kirby Smith 2019 NCHA VP Candidate4/12/19
Phil Hanson & Hiss N Vinegar Super Stakes Champion4/7/19
Beau Galyean Rollz Royce Open Classic Champions4/7/19
Brent Erickson Ltd Open 5/6 Champion4/5/19
Matt Miller High Brow Lady Boon 222.53/9/19
Casey Green & Taliate 222.53/7/19
Outback Cuttings New Location March 21-24 /20192/27/19
CR Gotcha Covered Wins Houston!2/26/19
Corey Cushing NRCHA Open Derby Champion2/18/19
Crey Zee Bonanza Open Derby Champion2/13/19
Mighty Good Promo2/11/19
John Sanislow Talks Sponsors2/11/19
Catching Up with Cody Hedlund2/2/19
Crey Zee & Tatum Rice1/29/19
Second Spot & Lloyd Cox 1/29/19
The Ike Day 1 Wrap Up1/26/19
Smart Sugar Kitty & Wes Ashlock1/8/19
Abilene Spectacular Open Derby Highlights1/8/19
Abilene Spectacular Open Classic Highlights1/8/19
Copperish 2019 Abilene Spectacular Open 5/6 Champ.1/8/19
2019 Abilene Stallion Auction1/4/19
How to Register/Login to New CHC Site12/15/18
Rewatch Webcast 2018 NCHA Futurity12/13/18
2018 NCHA Futurity Highlights11/18/18
Russ Westfall Open Mercuria Champion11/13/18
PCCHA Int Futurity11/13/18
Chubby Turner Tribute11/12/18
PCCHA 5/6YO Open11/12/18
Scott Amos Pccha 4YO Int. Champ11/12/18