Jeremy Barwick Listings

Title Section Posted $
COOL N HOTStallions1/22/193,000
CR GOTCHA COVEREDStallions11/3/18 2019 Breeding Fee $2,000
WAR BIRD DOGStallions1/22/191,000
DUAL PEPStallions1/22/19Private Treaty/ICSI only
DUAL SMART REY Stallions3/28/193,000
KIT KAT SUGARStallions3/28/192019 Breeding Fee $5,000 (but $4000 if booked in the 1st 50 mares)
HICKORYS INDIAN PEPStallions3/28/19 2019 Breeding Fee $1,500
SPOTS HOT Stallions3/28/195,000
METALLIC CAT Stallions3/28/192019 Breeding Fee: $10,000 (but if paid for a full price breeding in 2018, discount to $5,000). Book limited to 200.
CATS RED FEATHER Stallions3/28/19-
SWEET MR KATZStallions3/28/192019 Breeding Fees $1000 including chute fee, but $850 including chute fee if booked by 1/31/19
MANDALEY REYStallions3/28/192019 Breeding Fee $2500
DUAL R SMOKIN Stallions3/28/192019 Breeding Fee $2,500
BOON SAN Stallions3/28/192019 Breeding Fee $1,500
HASHTAGS Stallions11/6/18 3,500
SMOOTH TALKIN STYLEStallions3/28/193000 (but $2500 if booked by 2/28/19)
METELES CAT Stallions3/28/193,000
HES WRIGHT ON Stallions3/28/192019 Breeding Fee $1,000 including chute fee, (but Chute Fee only if booked by 12/31/18)
BVSS, LPRanches3/30/19