Alex Taft Listings

Title Section Posted $
El Rancho Spring ClassicShows1/7/19
El Rancho FuturityShows1/7/19
PCCHA FuturityShows1/22/19
Snaffle Bit FuturityShows1/22/19
West Texas Aug 9-18Shows1/21/19
Cotton StakesShows1/21/19
Idaho Aug 24-Sep 1 Shows1/21/19
Southern Cutting FuturityShows1/22/19
Cascades Aug 9-18Shows1/21/19
Brazos BashShows9/11/19
MLH Foundation CuttingShows9/30/19
ARHFA Rope Horse FuturityShows9/30/19
Waco Texas FuturityShows9/30/19
NCHA FuturityShows9/30/19
WCHA FinalsShows9/30/19
NCHA World FinalsShows9/30/19
Augusta FuturityShows11/5/19
The Ike Derby & ClassicShows11/5/19
Bonanza CuttingShows11/5/19
Abilene SpectacularShows11/5/19
Celebration of ChampionsShows1/29/20
Arbuckle FuturityShows1/29/20
HLSR CuttingShows1/29/20
WATCH LIVE HERE!Shows6/11/20
Western Bloodstock SaleShows6/25/20
NYCHA World FinalsShows6/25/20
Brazos Bash Sep 14-27Shows7/28/20
Idaho Futurity Aug 21-31Shows6/25/20
El Rancho Fut Sep 4-13Shows6/25/20
Cascades Fut Aug 8-16Shows6/25/20
PCCHA Futurity Oct 1-10Shows7/28/20
Snaffle Bit Fut Oct 9-24Shows7/28/20
NRCHA Stakes Aug 22-30Shows7/28/20
Cotton Stakes Sep 6-13Shows7/28/20
Southern Fut Oct 24-31Shows7/28/20
2018 - 2 Horse Trailer Trailers3/1/204,900
Copperish 2019 Abilene Spectacular Open 5/6 Champ.Latest Videos1/8/19
Second Spot & Lloyd Cox Latest Videos1/29/19
Crey Zee & Tatum RiceLatest Videos1/29/19
Catching Up with Cody HedlundLatest Videos2/2/19
Kirby Smith 2019 NCHA VP CandidateLatest Videos4/12/19
Ora Diehl 2019 NCHA VP CandidateLatest Videos4/20/19
5/6YO Limited Open Classic Finalists NCHA DerbyLatest Videos8/3/19
Thomas Bray Im Highly Decorated Ltd Open ChampLatest Videos8/3/19
JODY MCGLOTHLIN - Ltd NP 5/6YO ChampLatest Videos8/3/19
Rollz Royce Beau Galyean NCHA Derby Open 5/6 ChampLatest Videos8/3/19
El Rancho Futurity & Way Out West Series PROMOLatest Videos8/3/19
2019 Idaho Open Futurity Champion Adan BanuelosLatest Videos8/30/19
Idaho Futurity Open Derby Champ Adan BanuelosLatest Videos8/30/19
Idaho Futurity Open Classic Champion Mony BuntinLatest Videos8/30/19
NCHA Hauler Talk with Tarin RiceLatest Videos8/30/19
Cotton Stakes 56 Ltd Open Champ - Christian MillerLatest Videos9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 4YO Ltd Open Champ - Daniel SanchezLatest Videos9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 56 Open Champ Second Spot Lloyd CoxLatest Videos9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 56 Mid Level Open WinnersLatest Videos9/4/19
Cotton Stakes 4YO Open Champ Ms Baby Cakes Latest Videos9/4/19
Cotton Stakes Mid Level Open 4YO Champ Ryan MooreLatest Videos9/5/19
Hansma Horse Raffle Fundraiser InfoLatest Videos9/11/19
Cotton Stakes Futurity Open ChampionsLatest Videos9/11/19
2019 El Rancho Futurity Winner Highlights 1Latest Videos9/13/19
Protect The Harvest Fundraiser at El RanchoLatest Videos9/13/19
Hansma Horse Raffle Andrew CoatesLatest Videos9/24/19
2019 Bash Open Futurity ChampionLatest Videos9/24/19
2019 Brazos Bash Limited Open ChampionsLatest Videos9/24/19
2019 Bash Open Derby ChampionLatest Videos9/24/19
2019 Brazos Bash Limited Open Classic ChampionLatest Videos9/24/19
2019 Brazos Bash Limited Open Derby ChampionLatest Videos9/24/19
2019 Brazos Bash Open Classic ChampionLatest Videos9/24/19
Hansma Horse Raffle Bash UpdateLatest Videos9/26/19
2019 Brazos Bash Non Pro Derby Champion Ty MooreLatest Videos9/27/19
2019 Brazos Bash Non Pro Classic Champ Julie JarmaLatest Videos9/27/19
Austin Shepard & Sir Long LegsLatest Videos1/27/20
Austin Shepard & Kinky BootsLatest Videos1/27/20
Austin Shepard & Dual ReyishLatest Videos1/27/20
Augusta Futurity CHC Wrap Up ShowLatest Videos1/30/20
PCCHA Executive Director Phil Benadum Checked InLatest Videos4/11/20
Catch Up with Monty Buntin on CHC Quarantine CamLatest Videos4/11/20
NYCHA Junior Youth World Finals Show ChampionLatest Videos7/16/20
NCHA Senior Youth Scholarship ChampionLatest Videos7/16/20
NYCHA Junior Youth World Finals Show ChampionLatest Videos7/16/20
2020 Way Out West Cutting Series Truck GiveawayLatest Videos7/16/20