2019 Cotton Stakes









Come to West Monroe, Sept. 1-8 for the Cotton Stakes with $150,000 Added. A Mid Level Open & Non-Pro Division with no additional Entry Fees will be held in the 3 Yr Old, 4 Yr Old & 5/6 Yr old divisions.

Any eligible rider entered in the Open & Non Pro Division will automatically be entered into the Mid Level Divisions at no additional fees. (OPEN MID LEVEL: Any Open rider who has not won $200,000, all divisions total NCHA Money in past 3 years. OPEN LTD: Any rider who has not won more than $200,000 total LTE.  

NON PRO MID LEVEL: Any Non Pro rider who has not won over $75,000, all divisions; total NCHA money in past 3 years. Non Pro LTD: Any rider who has not won more than $50,000 LTE. 

AMATEUR CLASSES Entry Fees Discounted for entering multiple classes. Amateur -$100,001 or more; Mid -$25,002-$100,000; Ltd. $0-$25,001 (Based on rider LTE as of 1/1/19). An Amateur rider who is NOT on the top 100 list for the previous point year may drop back into the mid level. Entry form and details on the website. https://www.cottonstakescutting.com